Motor Vehicles Insurance

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance 
Insured Person: Motor Vehicle owners who are road users in territory of Laos PDR.

Scope of cover:
+ Death, bodily injury and asset losses  to  the third parties by the motor vehicle regard of being road user or not.
+ Death and bodily injury of the passenger subjected to Law

Sum Insured:
+ Sum Insured is the maximum amount that LAP can pay for death, bodily injury and  property of the third partie caused by motor vehicle in each accident within the scope of cover
+ There are 3 options of Sum Insured for customer to choose, maximum to LAK 50 millions/person/accident and LAK 50 millions of property losses/accident

Driver and Passenger Cover:
Insured Person: Driver and Passenger
Scope of cover: Bodily injury of Insured Person due to accident directly related to using motor vehicle.

Motor vehicle physical damage Insurance:

Insured Person: Motor vehicle owner and/or his representative who voluntarily participate insurance at LAP.

Scope of cover: Customers can choose the integrated program (covering all of the risk) or choose the single following risks:
+ Condition C: Covering for all accidental risks
+ Condition D: Covering for damage caused by collision with other vehicles, pedestrians, animal...
+ Condition E: Covering for damage of windshields, mirrors and other glass items as original design
+ Condition F: Covering for damage caused by fire, lightning, and explosion
+ Condition G: Covering for loss or damage due to thieft

In addition, LAP also pays necessary and reasonable expenses in order to:
+ Prevent and restrict futher losses incured.
+ The cost of towing crane  to the nearest gara in case of accidents within the scope of cover (limited 20% of the actual repair cost of vehicle damage)
+ Loss surveyor
In any case, the total compensation of LAP (excluding loss surveyor costs) is limited by the Sum Insured that indicated in the Certificate of Insurance

For reference: Motor vehicles Insurance Wording issued with decision number 17D/QD-LAP-XCG in 22/02/2012 of General Director of Lanexang Assurance Public Company (Premium table is accompanied)