HomeCare Insurance

LAP's Homecare Insurance products are in order to give full protection to the house of customers from risks in life. This is the only one product on the market covering for 03 insurance benefits: Firefighting cost, Fire-scene cleanup costs and the house rental cost.

Insured Subjects
Private house, rental house and furniture and equipment in the house.
Homecare does not cover for houses which is built from more than 20 years by the commencement date.

Scope of cover
+ Fire;
+ Lightning;
+ Explosion;
+ Earthquake or volcanic eruption;
+ Storm, Tempests, Flood
+ Thief insurance
+ Impact by any road vehicles or animals
+ Damage caused by the house or the surrounding buildings collapse or subsidence

LAP also extends to free cover for 03 benefits:
+ Costs of firefighters;
+  Cost of cleaning up the scene after the loss;
+ The cost of rent house in the repairing process after the loss.

For Reference: Homecare Insurance Wording issued together with Decision No. 020 / QD-LAP-TSKT date 12.12.2016 of the General Director of Lanexang Assurance Public Company (LAP)